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Fully insured carpet cleaning technicians available 7 days a week. 

Carpet Washing & Maintenance

Looking after your carpet floor coverings will repay the efforts in the long run big time. Dust and dirt are not just a visual imperfection, it a fibre damaging abrasive that can ruin your masterpiece in just a few years. 

We carefully treat all carpet fibres to enable them to have a long life delivering joy and comfort to your home or office. 

Years of Experience

Our carpet cleaners have been looking after carpets, rugs and upholstery for many years

NCCA Certification

Our technicians have been certified by the National Carpet Cleaners Association

Satisfaction Guarantee

We will perform our service to your complete satisfaction. Guaranteed!

Clean Natural and Synthetic Fibres

Taking Care of All Types of Carpets, Rugs and Upholstery

We will remove stains from wool carpet, nylon carpet fibres as well as natural grass/sisal/coir carpeting. No need for untimely replacement.

Cleaning Service that Extends Your Carpet's Life

Did you know that by regular cleaning of your carpet you will get use of it significantly longer?

It is a fact universally acknowledged… no, not just that a single man in possession of a large fortune must be in want of a wife, as Jane Austen told us, but that things get dirty over time. Nowhere is this truer than for your carpets. We literally walk all over them most of the day and through the night as well. That’s not the only thing that gets all over carpets, either, as any pet owner can tell you.

Because carpets get so grubby so often and so easily, that’s why the team here at Precision Carpet Cleaning has been put together. We know carpets inside out, side to side and probably backwards as well, and we know how to clean all types of carpets, no matter whether they’re made from natural fibres like wool or whether they’re synthetic; whether they’re loop pile, cut pile or shag pile; and whether they’ve got a natural jute backing or some other type of backing (e.g. rubber). We clean more than just carpets as well – we also clean mats, rugs (yes, including that lovely Turkish or Persian rug or kilim) and upholstery. On top of this, we also remove stains (including emergency stain treatment for when you need something gone in a hurry) and we can apply Scotchgard stain protection to any surface you want it.

There’s no need to put up with a smelly, dingy or dirty carpet when you can rely on the professional carpet cleaners at Precision Carpet Cleaning to fix things for you!

Precision Carpet Cleaning Company

How it Works


Step #1

We will give you a quote over the phone based on the information you provide about the condition and size of your carpeting. In most cases we are spot on the money without the need for adjustment. If we cannot give you a precise quotation over the phone then we will survey the carpet as soon as possible. Currently we provide our carpet cleaning in London.


Step #2

Our carpet cleaning technicians will arrive promptly on site and will survey the fibres for any signs of damage, spots and stains and their origin. You will be informed of any findings prior to the start of the treatment.


Step #3

Using the correct carpet or rug cleaning method our cleaning operative will carry out the carpet shampoo and rinse or hot water extraction service. Advice will be given regarding the effect of ventilation on drying times. Our tech will provide a pair of overshoes in case you need to walk on the freshly cleaned carpet fibres.

How We Clean Carpets

Because not all carpets are created equally, they may have to be cleaned in a special way. The exact method used will depend on what the carpet’s made of, what’s been used to give it colour, what the backing is made of, the sort of foot traffic it receives and how old it is. Yes, it often does take an expert to know exactly what sort of cleaning is needed for a particular carpet – and every single member of our team here at Precision Carpet Cleaning is exactly that: a carpet cleaning expert. We’ve all been trained to very high standards so we know how to take care of every type of carpet, mat, rug and upholstered item in your home or workplace.

Because we have to clean such a wide range of carpets, we use a wide range of carpet cleaning techniques as well. To give you an idea of what’s involved, here’s a brief description of the methods we use:

Dry Carpet Cleaning Techniques
Carpet and Rug cleaning services

Steam Cleaning

This is one of the most common methods used to remove dirt and grime from carpets. The principle is very simple: hot water is applied to the fibres of the carpet, sometimes mixed with a bit of carpet shampoo to help loosen deeply ingrained dirt (this is why this method is sometimes called carpet shampooing or hot water extraction). The hot water and steam wash pet hair, sand, odours and dirt out of the carpet fibres all the way down to the bottom where it’s often missed by vacuum cleaners. After that, the hot water – along with the dirt that it’s picked up – is slurped away by powerful truck-mounted vacuums. This is why professional steam cleaning is better than those hired carpet cleaning machines. In fact, if you hire a steam cleaning machine for carpets, then you can actually make problems with odours worse because these little machines don’t have a powerful enough vacuum to remove the moisture fully (unlike the truck-mounted types). This means that the drying time is longer and if you don’t stick to that drying time strictly and keep off the carpets for all that time, then the damp carpets will pick up fresh dirt again really easily (and honestly, who’s got time to stay off the carpets all those hours if you’ve got a busy schedule and active children?). Improper drying can also cause problems with mould and musty odours. This is why calling in the team from Precision Carpet Cleaning is a much better option because we can provide reduced drying time – as well as making things much easier for you!

Bonnet Buffing or Carpet Shampoo

Bonnet buffing is a method of cleaning carpets that’s often used for high traffic areas because it uses less moisture – it’s classified as one of the dry carpet cleaning methods. However, “dry” is something of a misnomer, as it does use a little bit of water. However, the water in question isn’t applied primarily to the carpet fibres, which is the case with hot water extraction. Instead, the water is applied to a pad inside the buffing machine (located in the bonnet – hence the name). This moist pad is brushed over the carpet fibres, whisking away dirt. When the pad has absorbed as much dirt as it can, it’s changed and rinsed, to begin the process again. Bonnet methods of cleaning carpets are great for large areas of carpet that aren’t suitable for long drying times, such as in an office or in a school. This method can be a bit rough, so it’s not suitable for delicate items or for carpets with long piles (e.g. shag pile).

Dry Compound Carpet Cleaning (the HOST system)

This is the driest of dry cleaning methods that’s suitable for carpets, upholstery, rugs, tapestries and more! It’s just about like magic, the way it works. Tiny sponges (called microsponges), each containing a minute amount of water that’s just enough to activate the sponge, are applied to the carpet or upholstery and gently brushed through and across the fibres. The sponges act like dirt magnets (we’ll spare you the chemistry behind this) as they’re left on the carpet for a set amount of time (known as the dwell time). Once the dwell time is over, the micro-sponges plus the dirt they have absorbed are all vacuumed away. It’s non-toxic and uses plant-based sponges, so it’s sustainable and safe to use in areas frequented by children and animals.

Why Do I have to Clean My Carpet?

There are many reasons why you should regularly keep on top of the cleaning of your carpeting. Needless to say the most important ones are health and indoor air quality. Read More >>

Whose Carpets We Clean

The short answer to this is that we can clean everybody’s carpets, including yours! We are more than happy to provide our high quality carpet cleaning services to businesses, homes, schools, places of worship, sports clubs and more. Whether you’re moving in or moving out, or just want a good freshen up, then we’re more than happy to help you out.

Although carpet manufacturers recommend that you should get your carpets cleaned at least once a year, this is a guideline that you should consider to be the minimum. If you own pets that shed hair or pee on the rug, then you might need a spot of hot water extraction a bit more often. The same goes for busy workplaces – where lots of feet walk in shoes that have been everywhere, the carpets and mats will need to be cleaned more often. This is why we let you be the one to decide how often you want the team from Precision Carpet Cleaning to come around, whether you want the job done on a one-off basis or whether you want regular scheduled carpet cleans for your office or home.

Want To Know More?

Some of you may just be happy that you’ve found a reliable carpet cleaning company in your area and might want to get in touch with us right away (please go ahead and do this – especially if you’ve got a stain on the carpet and it needs to be removed immediately!). However, many of you might have a few more questions about what’s involved, etc. In this case, we invite you to spend a bit of time on our site to find out more about Precision Carpet Cleaning – check out our FAQs, for example. You can also contact us at any time to have your questions answered, including a quote to answer the question “How much it would cost to clean my carpets”?

Get in touch with us today – we’re looking forward to hearing from you.