June 18


Carpet vs Hard Floor – Just Add Carpet Cleaning and The Answer is Obvious

June 18, 2020

The age old dilemma of what is better - carpet cleaning your floors (assuming you had carpet installed) or mopping and buffing your hard floor surface, is still pretty much relevant today.

There have been studies drilling down in the pros and cons of each floor surface (Sweden springs to mind). Regardless of these people still have their own opinions based on their own experience and friends' war stories. Science is no longer considered as much as it used to be 20-30 years ago. Now the internet has the final say. Scary.

There are a ton of carpet cleaning experts on the internet who give advice without having the faintest clue what this complicated and scientific process of cleaning fibres is all about. The advice given is contradicting sometimes and dangerously irresponsible at others. People read something on a forum or blog, put their own twist on it and then readily provide this "expert" advice to others. We call these people "armchair carpet technicians".

To be on the safe side, we strongly advise against implementing advice regarding cleaning carpets when it comes from non-professionals. With the huge growth of social media, the number of "armchair experts" has been increasing with a steady pace. Unless coming from a reputable carpet cleaner/company, take with a pinch of salt. 

What's worse, there are cowboy bait and switch carpet cleaning companies who try to extort a lot of money for a mediocre service. Their pitch - $10 per room. What a bait! They can never afford to be sustainable at that price level however they suddenly present you with a bill in the top hundreds. Classic bait and switch dirty tactics of low scum carpet cleaners! Beware!

Here is a video that show exactly goes on when you call these "too good to be true ads":

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