June 19


Why Do I Have to Clean My Carpet?

June 19, 2020

Carpet manufacturers tell you that you should get your carpets properly cleaned at least every year. You might think that this is a bit much. After all, you’re not that grubby a person, are you? It’s not as if you’re like that crazy relative with all the cats whose carpets always look a bit dodgy and smell of cat pee. Surely you don’t need to deep clean your carpets that often, do you?

Well, the truth is that you do. This is because you just can’t help leave bits and pieces all over your carpets. If you’re a fan of detective novels or CSI or true crime, then you’ll probably already know that everywhere someone walks, he or she leaves traces of fabric particles and dirt. It’s not just criminals who leave this sort of trail for the forensics folk to find – everybody does it. Including you. Over time, the fluff from your clothes, the bits off the bottom of your shoes, particles of old skin and your hair will build up in the carpet – and the vacuum cleaner doesn’t always get it out. Then you’ve got that splosh of coffee, a few bits of sweat from when you did a few press-ups in the living room while being good and exercising during the ad breaks and other gunk.

Over time, the grime and grit sinks to the bottom of the carpet fibres and stays there. And it’s not a case of out of sight, out of mind. The sand that accidentally shook off your beach towel and the scrap of gravel from that stroll in the park are pretty harsh and each time that you walk on the carpet, the fibres will scrape away at the grit, slowly wearing it away, which means that your carpets get that threadbare look sooner than otherwise.

The Unwanted Guests In Your Home

And it gets worse than just having to replace your carpet sooner than you otherwise would have done. Your carpet can soon become home to a bunch of houseguests that you really didn’t want to have.

Let’s start with fleas and other pesky insects, the largest sort of unwanted houseguest that you’ll find in your carpet. Fleas have been a problem in London homes ever since London became a thing. In days gone by, they tackled the problem by having a temporary floor covering that got removed and composted on a regular basis, mixed with a few strong smelling herbs to deter the little pests. Today, fleas are still trying to get into your home, and they love to live and lay eggs in your carpets. Vacuuming helps get rid of them to a certain extent, but if you really want to dish it out to them, then the high temperatures of steam cleaning will blitz them – and this is a far better way to help solve the problem than using one of those toxic flea-bombs that aren’t all that good for your system or your pets’ systems.

Professional carpet cleaners in London

Moving down the scale, the other pest that loves to live in your carpet and isn’t so easy to deter with a vacuum cleaner is the dust mite. Dust mites live on (you guessed it) dust, which is made up of skin particles and hair as well as bits of your clothes and what’s been on the bottom of your shoes. You might think that something that’s tricky to see without a microscope isn’t going to hurt you but if you or someone in your family has asthma, then they will hurt you a lot. Dust mite crap is one of the most potent triggers for asthma attacks. Steam cleaning is the best way to keep the dust mite population to a bare minimum (we’d like to say it would eliminate them but this is impossible – they live in all sorts of places in your home and they re-establish themselves pretty pronto). If your carpets don’t suit steam cleaning, then any method of deep cleaning carpets will still be beneficial because it will remove the food source of the mites, so they will struggle.

Certainly, if someone in your home has asthma, then you may need to get your carpets deep cleaned more frequently than once a year. It really does help!

Lastly, your carpet can be home to mould, mildew and bacteria, the smallest nuisances of all. These need food, water and shelter to live on, and your typical carpet in the average London home provides all three, especially if the weather’s been a bit damp lately (when isn’t it damp?) or if you’ve spilt something. Bacteria are what cause the weird pongs in damp carpets. Not a pleasant thought, especially if you have a small child who likes to play on the carpet, or if you like to sit, lie, work out or make love on the carpet… which describes most of us. To deal to those bacterial, then killing them off through high temperatures (if steam cleaning’s suitable) or at least removing their food sources is an absolute must. This is why carpets always smell better after being professionally cleaned.

In extreme cases, carpets can also be homes to cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, flies and other insect pests. Trust us – as professional carpet cleaners, we’ve seen it all!

Precision Carpet Cleaning Services

No matter whether you have been good about keeping up with what the manufacturers say you ought to do or whether you’ve been a bit slack, Precision Carpet Cleaning London is here to help you. We use a range of techniques to get all your carpets (and your mats and your rugs and even your upholstery) looking and smelling good. What’s more, we operate anywhere in the Greater London Metropolitan Area, so if you are thinking about arranging for a carpet cleaner for that relative with the cats and the smelly carpets who lives in another part of London, we can do that for you! We cater to the needs of businesses as well as domestic customers, so if you want to arrange for regular scheduled carpet cleans for your office, this is absolutely fine by us and we can do this as well as one-off cleans, which are what our domestic customers usually like.

All of our carpet cleaning gurus have been trained to industry standards and we’re full members of the National Carpet Cleaners’ Association (NCCA). As per NCCA requirements, we’ve got full insurance cover on all the work we do – and we’d do this even if it wasn’t a NCCA requirement because we know it’s important to keep our customers happy. We also offer you the protection of PCC’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, which states that if you’re not completely with how well we’ve cleaned your carpets, rugs or whatever, just let us know all about it and why you’re not happy, and we’ll send someone back to do the job over again so that you are satisfied – at no extra cost.

We use a range of carpet cleaning methods depending on the carpet in question and what’s best for the situation. Don’t worry if you don’t know what your carpets need – our experts will examine the carpet and decide on what’s best before beginning work. You’ll get a written quote to approve before the work is done, too, so there won’t be any nasty surprises.

The main carpet and rug cleaning techniques we use are:

  • steam cleaning (also known as carpet shampooing)
  • bonnet buffing
  • dry carpet cleaning using the environmentally friendly HOST system of micro-sponges

We also do stain removals, including emergency stain treatment on a same-day or next day basis.

If you’ve got any more questions about our carpet cleaning services, or if you’d like to make a booking, then please get in touch with us here at Precision Carpet Cleaning any time you want!

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