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Here at Precision Carpet Cleaning, we aim to give you the total package. In plainer language, this means that if you want or need something done to care for your carpets and/or upholstery (and mats and rugs and…) then we can provide these services for you. Whether you’re a domestic customer based in London or a commercial customer in the Square Mile such as an office or a community organisation such as a sports clubs, you’ll find that we deliver the very best when and where you want it!

To break it down for you a bit more, here’s a list of our services and a wee description of each one to help you work out what it is you need. Of course, if you’re uncertain about something – whether your carpets are suitable for steam cleaning, for example – then don’t hesitate to ask us. We’ll take the worry out of it for you, too, because if the only thing you know is that your carpets are getting a bit on the grimy and stinky side, one of our experts (i.e. any member of our carpet care team) will let you know what’s best for your situation.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning also goes by the name of Hot Water Extraction. It's another name for carpet cleaning. It’s pretty simple to understand, really. Hot water and steam (plus maybe a bit of detergent in the case of very heavily soiled carpets) goes onto the carpet fibres, flushing away dirt and grime all the way down to the bottom. After the dirt has been loosened by the hot H2O, our powerful truck-mounted vacuums (the sort that only professional carpet cleaners have) slurp up the dirty water. The carpets are then left to dry (exact drying times vary).

The advantages of steam cleaning are its simplicity and its ability to sanitise your London home or office. Because of the high temperatures involved, steam cleaning kills nuisances like fleas and the dust mites that are some of the most powerful asthma triggers known. Steam cleaning also kills bacteria. Although it might be debated a bit, steam cleaning is also one of the most efficient ways of removing pet odour from carpets.

The downside is the drying time. Although our vacuum systems reduce the drying time, there’s always a bit of moisture left behind. It’s best if you can stay off the carpets (and keep the heavy furniture off) until the carpet is fully dry if possible. This might not be possible in high traffic areas in a busy London office. Hot water extraction also isn’t suitable for anything that’ sensitive to high temperatures or that doesn’t have colourfast dyes.

Bonnet Buffing

Bonnet buffing is more suited to high traffic areas (when we hear high traffic and we think - London's M25) as it’s considered to be a low-moisture carpet cleaning technique. During bonnet buffing, a pad is sprayed with water and this pad is mounted in a buffer machine that whips the damp pad over the carpet fibres, jiggling and wiping the dirt up, off and away.

Because of the low moisture levels involved, bonnet buffing results in little or no drying time. This means that you can get back to using the carpet in question again really quickly. It’s suitable for high traffic areas and places that need to get back to normal business as soon as possible after the carpet cleaner’s left.

Bonnet buffing is fairly vigorous, so it’s best for loop pile carpets and short-fibred carpets designed for hard wear. On things with longer piles, it can be a bit rough and leave the fibres with a somewhat ruffled and dented look – although they’ll be clean! It’s probably too hard for delicate fabrics on upholstery and special rugs.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is the crème de la crème of low moisture carpet cleaning techniques. There’s some fairly complicated chemistry involved in the process but the simplest way to understand it is this: the dry cleaning compound (we use environmentally friendly non-toxic plant-derived microsponges) gets sprinkled over the carpet or upholstery and gently brushed through. The microsponges are then left for a certain dwell time, during which the teeny bit of water inside each sponge activates the sponge itself so it becomes a dirt magnet. After the dwell time is over, then sponges plus the dirt they have absorbed are vacuumed away. Done!

The only downside for dry carpet cleaning is that because it doesn’t involve high temperatures, it doesn’t kill bacteria, fleas, dust mites or other vermin. However, it’s brilliant for antique rugs and luxury carpets.

Scotchgard Stain Protection

If you’ve invested in the carpet (or upholstery) of your dreams and want to make sure that it lasts without being damaged by stains, or if you know that spills are going to be inevitable but carpet is still necessary (a kindergarten, for example), then you want to protect the carpets. This is where Scotchgard stain protection comes in.

Scotchgard is a trademarked long-lasting water repellent that is completely clear. As most spills and stains come in liquid form, if the carpet fibres are impregnated with Scotchgard, the staining substance can’t get in and a stain won’t form. It can be applied to any fabric you like!

Scotchgard received a bit of bad press about 20 years ago because the active ingredient used then was pretty nasty. However, the manufacturers, 3M, have reformulated their product so that it still does what it’s supposed to – protect your carpets – without being so toxic. We probably wouldn’t provide this service to our London customers if it still used the old formula, so don’t panic!

Mat and Rug Cleaning

Mats and rugs can range across anything from a doormat through to an antique Persian carpet as well as everything in between, such as animal hides and rag rugs made from recycled (upcycled!) T-shirts by the handcrafty types out there.

Exactly what’s needed for cleaning a mat or rug depends on the thing itself, where it’s located and what’s done with it. For example, a Turkish kilim made from hand-dyed yarns that’s displayed on a wall will need very different treatment from a rubber-backed mat running across a shop floor to reduce the risks of slips on wet days. However, in the case of heirloom rugs, it’s often a condition of the warranty that these should be cleaned by a professional once a year – and this is what we do. We’ll use the right method to suit the rug or carpet in question.

Upholstery Cleaning

It’s not just carpets, mats and rugs that need care and cleaning, as any pet owner will tell you. After all, you can always tell which are the sunniest seats in the house by the little circle of cat hair! We use the full suite of methods to clean all the soft furnishings in your home that need it, including:

  • sofas, couches, divans, settees, ottomans
  • upholstered and padded chairs of all types, from office chairs to reclining types (yes, we clean dentists’ chairs and church pews - all in great numbers in and around Greater London)
  • cushions
  • mattresses
  • car upholstery
  • pet bedding
  • pouffes and squabs

Serviced Areas

  • We service the whole of Greater London
  • N, NW, W, SW, SE, E, EC, WC, RM, IG, EN, HA, WD, UB, TW, KT, SM, BR, CR, DA postcodes covered 
  • Next day cleans available to book
  • Guaranteed quality on every jobs
  • Service available 7 days a week

Spot & Stain Removal in London

Stains are the bugbear of any soft furnishing, and if they’re not dealt with quickly and the right way, they can set into the carpet fibres and become next to impossible to get out. This is why we have our emergency stain removal services in London on call for you (same day and next day services). Whether you’re a home or a business, we can tackle the toughies that get on your carpets such as:

  • red wine
  • pet urine and poop
  • bloodstains
  • mud
  • printer and photocopier ink and toner
  • chewing gum
  • wax
  • makeup (including nail polish)
  • permanent marker
  • grass stains
  • curry, ketchup and sauce
  • cordial
  • children’s poster paints and craft materials

In fact, if you’ve got any of these on your carpets, contact us NOW before it’s too late!